Tools I recommend when you're converting to a Cafe Racer

There's a few items that I've had to use over and over again during my cafe racer conversion of the Honda CM200. The first and probably the most important would be a power drill. I've had to use this thing for just about every aspect of the project. The next tool is a hacksaw. If you don't have a bandsaw and all you got is elbow grease, then this is your next best choice.

But the one tool that I certainly have grown fond of would be the Titanium Nitride Coated High Speed Steel Step Drill Bit that I've used to make holes on steel plates or make the smaller ones larger on the license plate mount that I have. They look like this. I ended up buying the smaller one to the right. I paid just about $6 for it at Harbor Freight. I tell you, there's nothing like using this drill bit, it cuts through metal like nothing else!