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Why Buying Chinese Scooters Makes Sense

A lot of people have this idea that Chinese scooters (GY6) are crap. But for me, I think they're great! I've bought and sold at least 15 of them over the years and I think they're very reliable. Sure I can admit some of the fit and finish items like the controls or mirros aren't as great as their Japanese counterpart, but that's about it.

GY6 engines can run for a long time as long as they're maintained. Basic oil changes, valve adjustments and occassional carb cleaning is all they really need. One of the main reasons why I believe Chinese Scooters are great is because of the fact I saw thousands of them while I was visiting Taiwan. These scooters were left out in the rain, some had moss growing on them and a majority of these scooters were abused by the elements. Yet, they still started each time.

Even if they needed repairs, parts are readily available via eBay or Amazon. There's enough Youtube videos to show you how to do a valve adjustment or how to cle…
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Naming your bikes

Over the past few years I've gone through the process of naming all of my motorbikes. At first I'd call them simple names like Lil' Pony or Mamma Jamma. But I evolved to giving them full fledged female names. I've actually done this for my cars too. For one of my scooters, I named her Valerie because the model name was Valero. Another scooter I have is named Becky because she's got a big butt. My car's name is Luci because she's red and it reminded me of I Love Lucy. I had a van that I named VANessa...because she was a van.

My all time favorite bike and the one that has the most personality is Fat Amy. She's my 2006 Yamaha Roadstar 1700. I've owned her longer than any other bike I've bought and sold (total of 31). She's got a bit of a personality too. Very gentle, but when she needs too, she goes into BEAST mode! She reminds me of a Pitbull. I say that because these dogs have had a bad rap. They look intimidating, but they're very loving…

Interesting facts and statistics about motorcycling

Why a scooter is perfect for a city commuter

I've long been a fan of scooters for their cost of ownership, practicality and reliability. But there's a few more reasons why I think a scooter is better than a full size motorcycle if you're commuting within a city.

Ok let's get this out of the way, a motorcycle wins only when you have to get on the freeway. Otherwise, a scooter can do pretty much everything else a big bike could.

1. Cost of ownership for a scooter is low. You can get a 150cc Chinese scooter for less than $1000. In fact if you do your due diligence you can score one for as cheap as a few hundred dollars. Insurance can be as cheap as $5 a month or $60 a year. Parts are cheap, you can buy almost any part for a GY6 150cc motor on Ebay or Amazon. Tires cost as little as $20, brakes $9 for a set and a new carburetor is as cheap as $15. Most 150cc scooters can average to about 75-80mpg.

2. Reliable. I've owned several GY6 scooters over the past 5 years, They're simple to maintain and run forever...…

Chinese Scooter Review

Hey folks,

It's been a while since I've posted. To date I've bought and sold 26 motorcycles and scooters in the last 5 years. One of the type of bikes I really enjoy flipping are Chinese scooters. I was in Taiwan in the Fall and saw their scooter culture. It's rather impressive, their infrastructure for scooters is amazing and you'll see thousands of them on the road!

Seeing all those Chinese scooters proved to me that they're reliable. Think about it, the manufacturers churn out millions of these puppies a year. The kind that I saw on the streets of Taipei and Taichung were mainly Chinese made. Most of them have been to hell and back, but they run!

Once I got back to the states, I started planning on buying a scooter. Through some networking and deals I made, I scored a Jonway 150cc scooter from a friend. This thing had a few miles when I got it. I quickly started customizing it with a stereo system and a vinyl wrap.
A few months later the scooter has almost 90…

It's been 5 years since I started flipping motorcycles/scooters

Facebook showed me that On This Day I posted a picture of the first scooter that I've owned. It wasn't exactly a beautiful piece of machinery, but it ran! I also went through the trouble of getting it registered with the California DMV. Basically that meant I had to go to the DMV, pay the fees, then go to the CHP for an inspection. Then bring back the documents to the DMV and then they'll give me the plate and registration. It's a hassle but definitely worth it.  Originally I only posted the scooter for sale for $450. But I got a ton of inquiries. That's when I realized that my price was way too low. So I listed it for $650, inquiries slowed down. But I did manage to sell it within a few days after posting my ad. Then the rest is history...
I've bought and sold 25 motorcycles and scooters over the span of 5 years. That means I've had the pleasure to ride a large variety of bikes. I've had a Supermoto, Harley, Metric Cruisers (my favorite) a cafe racer, …

Buying and Selling (flipping) Motorcycles Can Be Emotional

As I look through my Facebook photos it dawned on me that I've flipped 16 motorcycles in less than 4 years. These motorbikes have ranged from scooters to big bore cruisers. Though the whole process is what I call FUN, there is the other side to the whole process. I never really talk about it with people I know because I never paid attention to it until I was buying another motorcycle. In this article we'll discuss some of the emotions that involved with this hobby.

When I'm going through the buying process a few things come up, excitement, desperation and hopelessness. Yes all those things happen within a few short moments. You see when I'm on Craigslist there's this excitement that I get when I'm perusing the pages for my next buy. Then I start thinking about my budget and wishing that I just had a bit more so I can buy a bigger or better bike. When I stick to my budget, I feel the desperation and think, "well this one has a ton of work...but I'…