So what have I been up to?

You may have noticed that the last time I updated this blog was back in June 2013. Well that's for good reason. My business of Social Media/Marketing Consulting has been doing fairly well, which means I much busier. But let me updated you on some of the stuff I've been doing in the world of motorbikes.

So the Cafe Racer Honda CM200 had gone through some changes. Probably the most obvious thing would be the paint. Well technically it's Plasti Dip. I dipped the bike in flat black. This was a fun little process that dramatically changed the way the bike looked. Below is a photo of the side covers, and tank lid. I dipped the tank as well, but I have no photo of it.
Here's how it looked after. It went from that vintage blue paint to a flat black hot mess. 

One thing I didn't document was how I made changes to the seat once again. I cut off 4" from it to shorten it. Below is a photo of the seat after I had the upholstery redone. I wanted to have the last rivet line right up with the top of the shock bolt, but the bike is so small, that if I did that, I wouldn't have been able to fit properly on it. So what do you think? Looks pretty clean right? 

By the way, between June through Thanksgiving, I tried and tried to sell this bike. I had so many people come look at it only to low ball me like you wouldn't believe. I listed it at $2200, and some were offering me as low as $1000. 

So I took it off the market for a few months and decided to just enjoy the ride. Then I was motivated to try and resell it. Sure enough, I sold it within days after I listed it. This time I listed it for $2000 and sold it for $1800. Not bad considering I made a major profit on it. This photo below is the guy who bought it. He was pretty excited and loved that it was a small bike. He works in Downtown LA and needed something small to help him get in between the massive traffic jams out there.

Right after that, literally a few days later, I bought this. A 1984 Yamaha XT 600. I was on the fence about an 81 Kawasaki KZ750, but the guy I was going to buy it from raised the price on me for the 3rd time, so I decided to skip it. I found this Thumper on CL and my goodness, there's SOOOO much power in this thing. Mind you, the CM200 was 17hp and the XT600 was 45hp! Major jump in torque and size! There were times when I wondered if I bought too much bike too soon. 

I do like the XT600, but it's a kick starter. So this bike may not last as long in my stable as I would like. I may try to sell it and get a DS with an e-start or simply sell it to get a cruiser. I've been tempted to check out Harley Davidson Sportsters. Ya I know that's like the entry level HDs but I really dig how some Sportsters look. So we'll see how things go in a few months. But for now, that's my moto-life in the last few months.