It's been 5 years since I started flipping motorcycles/scooters

Facebook showed me that On This Day I posted a picture of the first scooter that I've owned. It wasn't exactly a beautiful piece of machinery, but it ran! I also went through the trouble of getting it registered with the California DMV. Basically that meant I had to go to the DMV, pay the fees, then go to the CHP for an inspection. Then bring back the documents to the DMV and then they'll give me the plate and registration. It's a hassle but definitely worth it. 
Originally I only posted the scooter for sale for $450. But I got a ton of inquiries. That's when I realized that my price was way too low. So I listed it for $650, inquiries slowed down. But I did manage to sell it within a few days after posting my ad. Then the rest is history...

I've bought and sold 25 motorcycles and scooters over the span of 5 years. That means I've had the pleasure to ride a large variety of bikes. I've had a Supermoto, Harley, Metric Cruisers (my favorite) a cafe racer, dual sports and street bikes. Oh yes and a ton of scooters! 

As of right now, I've held on to one of my favorite bikes. It's an 06 Yamaha Roadstar 1700. She's a biggun' s and I love how stable she is. I've named her Fat Amy. I also have 2 scooters in the garage parked next to Fat Amy, one of them is for sale while the other one is going to be my daily driver. 
There's more that I'm leaving out. I've had some great adventures on two wheels this past year. In fact I was in Taiwan and rode scooters there. I loved it! The scooter culture there is CRAZY! Anyhow, that's it for now. I'll post more stuff in the near future.