Why buy a Boom Vader 125 (Grom Clone)

Ever since the introduction of the Grom 125 I've always wanted one. I've never test ridden one or anything. The closes to me ever riding on is sitting on them during a motorcycle show or at a dealer. Still there was something about this small bike that grabbed my attention.

It actually got me thinking why I love smaller bikes. I have a great Yamaha Roadstar 1700 that I hardly ride because I use my scooter more. Don't get me wrong,  I LOVE my cruiser and nothing replaces the thrill and excitement that a big bike offers.

But the truth is, small bikes have a special place in my heart. Perhaps it has something to do with me getting into mopeds when I was in highschool. I found them to be so fun and liberating and now that I'm an adult, perhaps the small bikes represent that.

Ok so back to the subject at hand, Why buy a Boom Vader 125? Well for one they're cost about 2/3 less than a Honda Grom. They've proven their reliability by countless reviews online and the fact China makes so many of these bikes. It's very similar to GY6 scooter. Parts are readily available, they're reliable and easy to work on.

So I got in contact with a local dealer for these clones. Out the door, DMV registered and delivered comes out to $1299. Not bad right? I still need to assemble it, from what I understand it's just a matter of installing the bars and from wheel. Fill it up with gas and tighten down all the bolts.

Yes I know it's a "Chinese" and some people believe they have the worst build quality. I beg to differ, just think about all the stuff you own, more than half of those items are made in China. Even your iPhone is made in China...right?

Again these clone bikes are affordable and can provide someone a means of transportation in a situation where they couldn't afford a car or a bigger motorcycle. This bike isn't meant for freeway riding, it's meant to be a city bike. That means you use it around town, to commute to and from work/school or you get on it to ride down to the local bar to meet up with your friends.

I know what you're thinking, "You can buy a REAL motorcycle for that price!" Yes...a used one. But you're right on that. In fact you can find a decent shape bike for about $1000. Before deciding on the clone, I was in talks with a few sellers. One was a 500cc Ninja and another was a CB450, both were close to $1000. But the thing with these bigger bikes is that in itself..they're bigger. For some that could be intimidating. The thought of working on a big engine like that can also strike insecurities with its owners. Bigger engines usually mean they're more complicated. But with a 125cc engine, it's the most basic motor you can find. They normally only use less than 1qt of oil, valve adjustments are basic and just like with anything you own, as long as you take care of it, it will take care of you.

With all that in mind, I'm hoping my new clone will arrive soon. I'm itching to assemble it and ride it around. Once I get some miles on the bike, I'll come back for an update. 


  1. What dealer has them for that price? I'll buy one now!

    1. Kronik had them for that the other day. So does Powersportsmax.


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