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Dead batteries suck!

Well I stupid me made the mistake of leaving one of my auxiliary lights on over night which drained the battery. I've left the battery on the charger for over 8 hours and from the way it looks, it might be dead...dead as in dead.

Lucky for me, the Honda CM200 has a built in kick starter. But what sucks is that I may have to buy a new battery...

My 1981 Honda CM200 Twinstar

Here's my personal motorcycle. It's an 81 Honda CM200. Got it off Craigslist and it needed some major work.
The speedometer wasn't working, it needed a new clutch, brake and clutch levers. It also needed a front brake shoes. Oh the grips were in bad shape and the spark plugs were the wrong size, so when I took them out, they were damaged. I was afraid that the piston would have some ill effects from it. But so far so good.

I got into this bike after I sold my 07 Honda Elite 80. I figured this was the next step up from a scooter, right? One thing you have to know about my scooter, it was in PRISTINE condition. So after I sold it, I bought the CM200. Once I got it home I showed my wife. By that time it had been through a 30 mile ride from the place I bought from and back to my home. My wife comes out and sees this "old" bike and the first thing she says was, "What the heck did you buy? I didn't expect you to get a fixer upper..." Right when she said t…

Work on your own motorcycle

One of my favorite things to do is work with my hands. I find a level of satisfaction knowing that I fixed some thing or I could do the job my self rather than paying a shop to do so. I once worked at a bicycle shop and they would charge $6 for a tube and another $10 to install per wheel! It drove me crazy because I felt like the shop was taking advantage of mechanically-declined folks. Then again, the shop does need to make money. Now that I have my Honda CM200, I have yet to take it to a shop to get any work done. Well, that's only because I have a Clymer Manual and that thing can show you how to do pretty much everything you can think of. Plus, the Honda CM 200 is a pretty easy bike to maintain. An oil change literally takes minutes, when I changed the clutch, that was no more than half an hour. The brakes were done within 45 minutes and the rest is fairly simple.

However, I do have a confession to make. I did solicit a shop for a cafe racer seat. I'm having one custom up…