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Why Buying Chinese Scooters Makes Sense

A lot of people have this idea that Chinese scooters (GY6) are crap. But for me, I think they're great! I've bought and sold at least 15 of them over the years and I think they're very reliable. Sure I can admit some of the fit and finish items like the controls or mirros aren't as great as their Japanese counterpart, but that's about it.

GY6 engines can run for a long time as long as they're maintained. Basic oil changes, valve adjustments and occassional carb cleaning is all they really need. One of the main reasons why I believe Chinese Scooters are great is because of the fact I saw thousands of them while I was visiting Taiwan. These scooters were left out in the rain, some had moss growing on them and a majority of these scooters were abused by the elements. Yet, they still started each time.

Even if they needed repairs, parts are readily available via eBay or Amazon. There's enough Youtube videos to show you how to do a valve adjustment or how to cle…