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Plasti Dip: Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom

I'm a big fan of this stuff because you can dramatically change the appearance of your motorcycle without having to spend too much money.

Check out what I did to the Harley Davidson Sportster 1200. Below is a BEFORE photo. What you don't see are all the scratches on the tins. The tank had some deep gouges in it. Not sure what the previous owner was doing but it was noticeable. Besides I wasn't a fan of the color.
So I headed over to Home Depot and gathered 3 cans of Plasti Dip and some blue painters tape. All in all about $23 total. 

I removed all the tins and cleaned them up with a degreaser.
Below is the first 2 coats. I made sure I waited at least 30 minutes per coat. 

After 6 coats of Plasti Dip, voila! 

Not bad right? The black certainly makes the chrome pop and it looks more "legit" in my eyes. Many have complimented on how great the bike looks. By the way, I did look into getting the tins powder coated, but the shop quoted me nearly $450 to get it done. I …

Ask me how I got a Harley for free.

Thanks for asking! Well it started about 2 years ago. One of my customers at my old job gave me an 87 Yamaha Razz 50cc scooter. When I got it, there was no title, it didn't run and it was flat. After some wrenching on it, I got it running. Then I went through the long process of getting it registered. Which meant multiple trips to the DMV and to the CHP just so I could get the scooter inspected. Eventually I got the title and used the scooter to commute to work with.
After a few months, I needed more power. So I sold this scooter for $650 and quickly found a bigger one, a 2007 Honda Elite 80. Bought the Elite for $850. A few months and a set of new tires later, I sold it for $1300. Not a bad profit if you ask me!
Right after that I found myself a 1981 Honda CM200t for $760. This was my first motorcycle. It had 4 speeds and once in a while I'd even take it on the freeway. I actually held onto this motorcycle for about a year or so. After converting it to a cafe racer, I sold it…

So what have I been up to?

You may have noticed that the last time I updated this blog was back in June 2013. Well that's for good reason. My business of Social Media/Marketing Consulting has been doing fairly well, which means I much busier. But let me updated you on some of the stuff I've been doing in the world of motorbikes.

So the Cafe Racer Honda CM200 had gone through some changes. Probably the most obvious thing would be the paint. Well technically it's Plasti Dip. I dipped the bike in flat black. This was a fun little process that dramatically changed the way the bike looked. Below is a photo of the side covers, and tank lid. I dipped the tank as well, but I have no photo of it.
Here's how it looked after. It went from that vintage blue paint to a flat black hot mess. 
One thing I didn't document was how I made changes to the seat once again. I cut off 4" from it to shorten it. Below is a photo of the seat after I had the upholstery redone. I wanted to have the last rivet line …