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Is a 200cc motor big enough?

It all depends on how you look at it. In terms of power and speed, no the Honda CM200 Twinstar is slow. It's not all that quick and if you try to get on the freeway with it, the experience can be terrifying. However, if you're doing city riding like I do, then it's perfect!

200cc is plenty enough to keep up with the flow of traffic and it allows you the extra power to over pass a car when needed. Like I said, it's fine for city riding where you rarely go over 60mph. I typically use mine to run small errands like going to the bank, store or meeting people for lunch or Starbucks.

Don't get me wrong, this little motorcycle has the capability to go for miles and miles. In one day I rode over 150 miles from Orange County to LA County...twice! I started off in Fullerton, rode to Orange (my old office), then went to El Monte. Then had to ride back to Orange, then to Santa Ana and from there, rode back up to El Monte. I finished my day off by riding back to Fullerton.

I di…

Kawasaki Ninja 250R vs Honda CBR250R

Check out this video of the Kawasaki Ninja 250R vs the Honda CBR250R. Both small displacement bikes.

Big tire, Big Problem

Just recently my Vintage Motorcycle, the 1981 Honda CM200 Twinstar Cafe Racer needed a new rear tire. I purchased the bike over a year ago and nearing 5000 miles since acquired, it was time to replace the rear tire. I had searched and searched for a replacement, but no one seemed to carry the old tire that was mounted, a Kenda Kruiser 16". After checking out some forums and Yahoo Groups, someone recommended the IRC GS11 Rear Motorcycle Tire 4.60-16 XF87-5376. 

 After my buddy Loren installed the new tire, I mounted the wheel with the new IRC wrapped around it. First glance, it looks awesome! Not only is it wider, but the treat pattern is more aggressive than the Kenda Kruiser. But as soon as I sat on the bike, the new tire was hitting the cafe race seat mounts that I made. Uh oh...I rolled the bike around in my garage to see if there was any other spots it was hitting. Well..sure enough it was hitting the base of the cafe seat. Basically the tire was traveling beyond the frame an…