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Naming your bikes

Over the past few years I've gone through the process of naming all of my motorbikes. At first I'd call them simple names like Lil' Pony or Mamma Jamma. But I evolved to giving them full fledged female names. I've actually done this for my cars too. For one of my scooters, I named her Valerie because the model name was Valero. Another scooter I have is named Becky because she's got a big butt. My car's name is Luci because she's red and it reminded me of I Love Lucy. I had a van that I named VANessa...because she was a van.

My all time favorite bike and the one that has the most personality is Fat Amy. She's my 2006 Yamaha Roadstar 1700. I've owned her longer than any other bike I've bought and sold (total of 31). She's got a bit of a personality too. Very gentle, but when she needs too, she goes into BEAST mode! She reminds me of a Pitbull. I say that because these dogs have had a bad rap. They look intimidating, but they're very loving…