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Honda CM200 Cafe Racer Project: Mounting the seat

One of the challenges of converting any bike is figuring out how to mount the cafe seat you just bought.

Dime City Cycles of Florida actually sells a HDPE marine grade board for about $75 to help you mount a cafe seat to a frame. Problem with that was it was too wide for what I needed. Their kit was meant for a bigger bike like a CB750.

But their kit did give me a great idea on how I can install my new seat. Here's what I did.

Went to Lowes Home Improvement and found one of these. It's composite wood used for wood decks. It was on sale for $13 for a 5"x8' piece. You can use any wood working tools to cut it down. I actually ended up using a hacksaw for most of the cutting I needed.
I took some cardboard, did some measuring and I figured out the approximate size I needed to cut down the board to.
I had to make sure I cleared the tank mount by cutting out a section of the board. The cuts are pretty crude, that's because I used a hacksaw. I eventually bought a power t…

Cafe Racer Update:Honda CM200 Twinstar

I found that it's pretty rare to see Honda CM200 Twinstar motorcycles converted into a cafe racer. In fact when I was trying to determine the size and type of seat I wanted, I couldn't really find any info on it. I even contacted a few shops and they said that they didn't have a specific cafe racer seat for my motorcycle.

It wasn't until I contacted Justin Cycles of La Habra, a local vintage motorcycle shop about a seat where I ended up meeting one of their mechanics who has a CM200 that he converted into a cafe racer. We chatted for a bit and he even let me sit on his CM200 to get a feel on how the bike would be like with a new seat.

Fast forward a couple months later, what you see is my seat mounted. I'll be providing more of an in-depth article on how I actually did it.

The shop was going to charge me $100 to install the seat for me. At the time, I figured it was a great idea and since they know what they're doing, things should go smoothly. But my budget g…

Epsom Salt+Distilled Water=LIVE BATTERY!

You may have seen in a previous post, my battery died. I was pretty bummed out about it and was dreading the thought of having to buy a new motorcycle battery. I think I paid well over $40 for the one I have and at this time, I just didn't have the extra funds.

So I did some scooby dooing and found that people had been using a solution made with epsom salt and distilled water to rejuvenate their dead batteries.

On Friday my battery was hovering around 4volts. After riding around for over an hour (kick start), it barely charged to 5volts. That's when I decided to try and do the Epsom Salt solution. Mind you, my attempts to recharge my battery was fruitless. It would only get as high as 6volts.

I had some Epsom Salt in our bathroom. Then I ran over to the grocery store to get some distilled water for $0.89.

  I poured some Epsom Salt and distilled water into a squirt bottle. I waited until the salt was fully dissolved.
 Then I poured the solution into the battery, but making su…