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Ask me how I got a Harley for free.

Thanks for asking! Well it started about 2 years ago. One of my customers at my old job gave me an 87 Yamaha Razz 50cc scooter. When I got it, there was no title, it didn't run and it was flat. After some wrenching on it, I got it running. Then I went through the long process of getting it registered. Which meant multiple trips to the DMV and to the CHP just so I could get the scooter inspected. Eventually I got the title and used the scooter to commute to work with.
After a few months, I needed more power. So I sold this scooter for $650 and quickly found a bigger one, a 2007 Honda Elite 80. Bought the Elite for $850. A few months and a set of new tires later, I sold it for $1300. Not a bad profit if you ask me!
Right after that I found myself a 1981 Honda CM200t for $760. This was my first motorcycle. It had 4 speeds and once in a while I'd even take it on the freeway. I actually held onto this motorcycle for about a year or so. After converting it to a cafe racer, I sold it…